The Ultimate IT Checklist When Moving to a New Office
28 Feb

The Ultimate IT Checklist When Moving to a New Office

IT assets are an integral part of any business today. As such, they deserve top priority during an office move.

Even a small IT hiccup can cost your company thousands of dollars in lost production time. So you must start planning a move involving your IT equipment and infrastructure months in advance to avoid any problems.

It all starts with this essential IT checklist.

1. Schedule a Site Visit

A first step in planning your office move should be evaluating the cabling requirements at your new location. Find out where you’ll place your equipment and get new cables installed where needed.

Confirm whether the server room meets your requirements concerning size, cooling, security, and electrical supply. Check whether you’ll need any new cat cables for your communications systems.

During your time onsite, you should also review your new office configuration. Decide where you’ll place printers, routers, and scanners according to available power outlets.

Contact your carriers, technology vendors, and ISPs at least two months in advance and let them know about your move date.

2. Review Your Existing Equipment

Any office move checklist includes a de-cluttering aspect. Extend the same principle to your IT equipment.

Inventory all your equipment to determine if you still need it. Order upgrades to aging or damaged items. Dispose of anything you no longer need.

Review your communications infrastructure and decide whether you need an updated phone system for your new office. If you’re changing your phone number, remember to set up call forwarding.

Due to the rapid advances in technology nowadays, it may be a good idea to implement a new IT and communications system altogether. If you choose this route, you should have your new equipment installed and ready to go before moving day.

3. Back-Up Your Data

Make several copies of your company data and store them where the disruption won’t affect them. Ensure you have a plan for full data recovery if something does go wrong.

While a specialized electronics transportation team will move your equipment with the utmost care, you can never be over-cautious when it comes to your data. 

4. Prepare for Moving Day

It’s never a good idea to transport sensitive IT assets yourself. Arrange for a server and electronics relocation expert to do the job for you. Make arrangements to transport your back-up copies separately. 

Before the big day, ensure all your data cables and wiring are labeled clearly and correctly according to the corresponding equipment.

5. Test Your New Network on Arrival

Once everything’s unpacked and in place at your new location, do a walkthrough with your IT provider.

Check that all your cabling and equipment are in place. Test all the features of your phone system and call-forwarding to ensure they’re working correctly.

Start your servers and test data migration and network capability. Test each network connection, and check that your email, internet, and extranet are working.

The Most Important Part of Your IT Checklist

Choosing experienced commercial movers should be high on your list of priorities when you start working on your IT checklist.

Our skilled team of office movers will ensure your IT assets arrive at your new location in perfect working order. Get in touch for a quote regarding your office move today.


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