Save Money Through Better Use of Your Office Space
06 Mar

Save Money Through Better Use of Your Office Space

Most businesses can optimize the use of their valuable office space by storing non-essential or seasonally required items offsite.  The math is easy to understand; office space costing $50-$60 per square foot or more vs. commercial storage that offers significant savings in a similar footprint.  The cost savings through better space usage or reduction is only one piece of the equation. Moving materials offsite can also offer the ability to repurpose the internal space for hiring and revenue-generating activities.

Here are a few tactics to help maximize your office space:

Start With a Purge

Most businesses have items that get moved about or stacked in open office areas and offices that serve no purpose in today’s work environment. Things like old or broken office equipment, those chairs that date back to the mid-century, round them up and get them out. Outdated IT equipment also provides another opportunity to eliminate useless clutter.

Identify What to Keep

Determine the items that are critical to the day-to-day tasks and operations of your business. Now give some thought to how to best organize these items so that they are easily accessible.  As part of this process, consider your large bulky items, non-essential, and seasonal items that are infrequently used throughout the year.  These items are often best stored offsite.

For example, if you have stockpiles of office furniture, computers, bulk storage, printed marketing/sales materials and supplies, meeting/conference exhibits/displays that are used only a few times a year, get them out of the corner of the conference room or closet. Put them into lower-cost commercial warehouse storage where they can be accessed as needed, but not occupy your expensive floorplan.

Maintain The Order

Once you have completed the first round, businesses should declutter and organize twice annually.  This will help to ensure that the benefits gained from decluttering and reorganizing your space do not fall back into chaos and disarray. With a scheduled time to declutter and organize workspaces, you can create a team environment to help improve everyone’s surroundings in the office.

Give us a call or request a quote online, and we can help you develop a plan to remove unwanted office clutter and leverage the benefits of partnering with a commercial warehouse storage expert — MEYER Office Moving.

And finally, organizations hold old paper-based files with non-critical or often duplicate information.  Storing records on-site at your own facility takes up valuable and expensive office space. The best way to manage old paper files is to develop a records management system that either stores the records in a secure offsite facility transfers the paper-based files to electronic media or securely shreds them. MEYER Records Management can help you develop a complete records management solution that fits your business’ unique needs.




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