Planning Your Office Move: Timeline to Relocate
15 May

Planning Your Office Move: Timeline to Relocate

Planning an office move is an exciting time for everyone, and can lead to several business benefits. Don’t be complacent about what’s involved in this significant decision, though. 

There’s a good chance the entire process is going to take longer than expected. To avoid disappointment, keep these milestones in mind when you’re busy with your relocation planning.

Finding New Premises

If you have already found the perfect place to set up operations, you’ll know that it takes longer than any other. 

First, you’ll need to conduct market research to determine the best location for your new offices. Then you have to negotiate all the red tape involved in setting up the lease and getting everything signed and checked by a solicitor.

If all the pieces fall into the right place, you could complete this process within six months, but it can take up to a year to find the ideal business location and wait for the existing tenant’s lease to expire. 

Setting Up Shop

The next step involves getting your design team to customize your space according to your needs. You’ll probably wait a few weeks for their design drawings. You can expect another delay while your new landlord approves their concept.

This might take three months, depending on the size of your office space and your requirements.

Don’t forget to get your tech department and telecommunications team involved at the same time, so everyone agrees about the practical aspects of your office layout.  

When you’ve got the go-ahead from all the interested parties, the real work can begin. Depending on what’s involved, it could take one to four months before your office is move-in-ready. 

The Office Move

Get in touch with a specialized business moving team to book a date for moving office equipment and transporting electronics.

The best office movers will be able to assist with a wide variety of project management and office relocation tasks. They can also help with monthly or temporary storage of documents, office equipment, and furniture if necessary. 

To save time, you can start packing up your existing office once the end of the setup process is within sight. Some of your less frequently used office items could be part of the new design, which means you should move them across sooner rather than later.

Evaluate your equipment and furniture and donate or recycle anything that’s outdated.

Once you’ve got a clear idea of when you’re moving and what’s required, start packing your office. Depending on the scale of your move, set aside at least one week to box, label, and set up an inventory of your assets.  

Remember, it can take even longer to unpack when you reach the other side. Factor this into your plans too.

The Final Step

The actual office move from one location to another could take as little as a day unless you’re moving a business to another state.

In the latter case, you have a few more things to consider. Distance, hold-ups when crossing state lines, and the possibility of overnight stops will all affect your travel time. 

Thanks to our decades of experience in the office moving business, we can help your business make a seamless transition. Get in touch to discuss your office relocation requirements today.   

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