Commercial & Office Moving Services

Since 1915, MEYER Office Moving has earned the trust of countless customers by consistently providing innovative turnkey solutions and well-executed business relocation projects. Successful commercial & office moves were once measured only by safe and effective transport of furniture, files, boxes, and equipment. Today, we understand that a successful business move is more than moving office items from one location to another. You require an office relocation partner that will allow for minimal disruption and efficient packing, processing, and technical support throughout the move.


Professional Office Moving Team

The MEYER Office Moving team includes experienced project managers and skilled moving personnel. We know each move is unique and we use the latest technology to plan, implement, and successfully complete every project within the specific needs of each move.  Onsite moving staff will be available to make any furniture adjustments, ensure everything is in the right place, and answer any questions your staff may have. Contact us today to discuss how our complete selection of professional services can be designed to fit the particular needs of your office relocation project.

Elements of our Office Move Service

Our commercial & office moving services include:

  • Project planning and management
  • Installation/reconfiguration of office furniture
  • Warehousing and asset management
  • IT Disconnect/Reconnect
  • Server and electronics relocation
  • Coordination of recycling/disposal program
  • Post-move support