How to Move Your Business Without Losing Productivity
31 May

How to Move Your Business Without Losing Productivity

A recent survey showed that happy workers are 12% more productive than disgruntled ones.

Are you planning a big office move? Disrupting workflow means more than a few hours of downtime. It may put a damper on the morale of your entire team.

When your systems and software are down, your teams don’t have access to the mission-critical resources they need. It’s no wonder efficiency levels drop and moods turn.

Today, we’re sharing how to move your business in the smoothest way possible.

1. Create a Strategic Moving Plan

Before you get too deep into your move, create a plan to organize the process.

Designate the primary person in charge and assemble an in-house planning team.

Then, estimate your relocation budget and set a timeline and checklist based on your key dates. Remember that in most cases, it’s easier to move over a weekend to minimize downtime.

To make the process easier, consider hiring a professional office moving team to take care of the planning and heavy lifting for you.

2. Communicate All Details

It’s not uncommon for employees to feel uncertain and confused about a move.

Will they keep their same roles and responsibilities? What will their office be like? How will the move affect their morning commute?

These questions grow when business leaders withhold relevant information from their workforce. With so much on their minds, you might notice your workers slowing their pace, especially in the weeks before moving day.

As soon as you’re able, share all the details you know with your employees so they aren’t blindsided. The more included the employees feel, the more cooperative and productive they will be.

Hold a meeting and go over the move step by step. Answer all the questions that come up. This frees everyone from doubt and empowers them to feel a part of the move.

3. Move IT First

Sure, you want to set up the reception area and get the C-suite furnished. But, before you do anything else, move over your IT department.

These employees have the expertise and tools required to keep your business afloat. If they’re up and running before the rest of your team arrives, technical issues are less likely to pop up.

4. Hire Professional Movers

Ease the burden of relocating your office by hiring professional office movers.

Professional office movers assist you with the relocation process from beginning to end. They coordinate project management, IT disconnecting/reconnecting services, post-move support, and much more.

How to Move Your Business and Stay Busy

Relocating a business signals a significant change and a new direction for your company.

Are you wondering how to move your business so that everyone stays as productive as possible? Be transparent and encouraging throughout. Then, make sure to prioritize the right teams first.

Does the idea of juggling your current workload with your big move seem like a challenge? That’s why we’re here.

Request a quote today to get started. We’ll help you leave your space without losing your sanity.

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