How to Keep the Team Productive During a Business Relocation
16 Apr

How to Keep the Team Productive During a Business Relocation

Relocating your business is often a wise move, yet it has the potential to impact your employees negatively.  According to a study by the American Psychological Association, workers involved in organizational changes are 50% more likely to experience stress. 

Apart from the psychological aspect of an impending move, business relocation can affect your company’s productivity and lead to inevitable disruptions. 

Here’s how to ease the transition and keep your employees’ morale and productivity on an even keel.

Plan Your Business Relocation Well in Advance

Make an official announcement regarding your move as soon as you can.

When a move is taking place in the distant future, your employees won’t see it as an immediate threat. This helps ease their feelings of anxiety and adjust to the relocation news. 

The sooner you get a relocation plan in motion, the better. Schedule your movers well in advance so that you can reserve the date you want for your move.

You can limit the impact on your business by arranging to move on a weekend. Be sure to get your employees’ buy-in on this, and potentially offer them compensation for their time. 

Once you’ve got a firm date, the planning can start in earnest. Set up moving teams and give them a list of tasks, with completion dates.

When your employees know what’s expected of them during the move, they can plan their workday around these extra duties and limit downtime. Spreading the workload also ensures that each staff member experiences less time away from their daily tasks. 

Communication is vital to keep productivity on par during an office move. Regular meetings with the captains of each team help keep everyone in the loop. They can also be a forum for addressing any productivity problems and working together towards solutions. 

Set Up In Advance

Try to get your systems running in tandem between the new office and the old as far out from the move date as possible. Cloud technology means you can share information across vast distances, so your operations can continue unabated during the transition.

If you’re thinking about updating your systems and equipment, now’s the time. That way, you can install your new machines and computers in your new office ahead of time to ensure a seamless transition.

Get your IT team to visit the new premises and set up the necessary cabling and telecommunications as soon as you can. Try to ensure the utilities are up and ready to go when everyone arrives.  

Arrange for someone to pick up the old equipment before the move so that you don’t unnecessarily transport it to your new location.

Take an inventory of everything before you start packing, and keep track of it on your office moving checklist. You don’t want to leave a vital piece of equipment behind during your move.

Get Professional Assistance

Hiring a professional team of movers is the best way to ensure that all your assets arrive at your destination unscathed. They’ll also help limit the time your staff spends away from their desks while packing. 

Our team of experienced business relocation experts can help you with every aspect of your business relocation. Get in touch right away to request a quote and start arranging for a seamless and productive transition.

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