How to Create an Office Moving Budget You Can Actually Stick To
29 Jun

How to Create an Office Moving Budget You Can Actually Stick To

Moving to a new office is an exciting time, signifying growth and new opportunities for your business. 

As many as two-thirds of office employees describe moving to a new location as beneficial, it also increases productivity.  

Don’t let budget overruns spoil it for you. Keep reading for some tips on what you should include in your office moving budget.

Set Up a Moving Template

The first step in any budget is keeping track of all your expected expenses in one place. Use an excel spreadsheet or download a template from the internet.

Start working on your office relocation budget as soon as you know about the move. It’s advisable to start your calculations at least six to eight months before the time. 

Keep all your budgeting information in one place and update it regularly. It’s easy to lose track of things during the disruption of relocation. 

Calculate Your Moving Costs

Figuring out how much it’s going to cost to get your office from point A to B is the easy part. Get in touch with at least three business moving companies and ask them to provide a moving cost estimate for your relocation.

Choose the quote that offers the most value for your circumstances.

Other aspects to include in this part of your moving budget are things like packing supplies and your personal travel costs. 

Factor in These Expenses

There are many costs associated with moving apart from the above. Some of these include:

  • Having your professional movers pack some of your items and equipment
  • Getting a tech team to disconnect and reconnect your electronics and telecommunications
  • The cost of moving sensitive equipment through specialized transport
  • Repairs to your existing and new offices
  • Security deposits, furniture, insurance, new IT and telephone infrastructure
  • Legal fees
  • Overtime pay for employees involved in the move
  • Costs for office interior designers and general contractors

One aspect that often falls by the wayside is taking an inventory of all your assets. This will prevent things from going astray along the way.

Marketing and Public Relations Costs

A new business address means you’ll need to make changes to your printed marketing materials and online assets. These include business cards, letterheads, packaging, and vehicles, as well as your website and social media accounts.

You should reach out to your existing customers, advising them of your move.

These announcements can take the form of letters via the postal service, press releases, radio, and newspaper advertisements.  

Hidden Costs That Affect Your Office Moving Budget

Most businesses neglect to add the cost of lost business hours into their budget. 

Depending on your business, IT downtime alone can cost you thousands of dollars per hour. Don’t neglect to include this in your budget. Overestimating your costs is always preferable to the alternative. 

Get Expert Advice

Our office moving specialists can assist you with a realistic estimate of your moving costs as well as suggestions to trim down your expenses. 

It all starts when you request a quote for your upcoming office move. Get in touch today.

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