7 Tips for an Office Move on Short Notice
14 Jun

7 Tips for an Office Move on Short Notice

Let’s face it, nobody wants to go through a rushed relocation, so if you’re moving your office on short notice, it must be worth it.

Perhaps it’s a natural disaster that’s forced you out of your comfort zone, or you’ve identified an exciting new location that you simply have to snap up. Either way, you need nerves of steel and these tips to get through a last-minute office move.

Here are steps to pull off a smooth office move on short notice.

Make Lists

An office moving checklist is the most valuable tool to ensure a smooth transition. Make a note of all the things you would ordinarily do months ahead of a move and get on them right away.

Call a meeting with all your employees and assign them tasks for the days leading up to the move and on moving day itself. Things will run a lot smoother if everyone knows their responsibilities.

Likewise, you’ll want to get your tech services provider on board to help with relocating your server and rewiring your new offices. There are many aspects of this that they can do without disrupting your service—leave it to them.

The same applies to your business telephone system.

Act Fast

As soon as you have a definite moving date, book a moving company. During busy periods, they might have to shuffle things around to accommodate you.

If you need to get your utilities transferred or disconnected, make arrangements right away. Do you need to alter your letterheads, website, and Google listing to reflect your new address? Now’s the time to get on that too.

Advise your clients and vendors about the move as quickly as possible.

Start Packing for Your Office Move

Aside from your to-do list, compile a separate packing list for the move. You should have one master packing checklist and then several individual ones for each department and each room in your current office building.

Make a note of all the business-critical elements that need to remain in place in your current space until the move. Pack everything else immediately.

Label everything you can, not only with a list of the box contents but with their destination, too. For example, a box labeled “pens” could belong anywhere; “pens – room 1A” works better.

When you label your items clearly, your movers will place them in their correct location as they come off the van or truck.

Last-Minute Tasks

On moving day, place all of your boxes and smaller items in a central location. This makes it easier for the relocation crews to move efficiently.

At the very last minute, take a walk around to ensure that everything has left the building with the movers. Be sure to check the wall sockets—phone chargers and adapters are some of the most common items that go astray during an office move.

Big or small, last minute or months ahead, we can assist you with every element for easy office relocation. Get in touch, and let’s start planning.

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