6 Reasons to Use a Commercial Mover for Your Upcoming Office Move
15 Apr

6 Reasons to Use a Commercial Mover for Your Upcoming Office Move

Moving to new office space, no matter your location requires a great deal of logistical planning and staff power, but a professional moving company can make the move a lot easier.

Several elements of a commercial move, including carefully moving IT equipment, expensive furniture, and sensitive electronics, require special attention.

Whether you’re moving from a one-level office space, a multi-level facility, or a warehouse, the relocation process is complicated.

Here are some reasons to hire professional commercial movers and how their help will ease the burden of office relocation.

Reasons to Hire a Commercial Mover

1. Time Is Money

Instead of planning and managing a move, spend your valuable time tending to your business’s needs.

Long before the movers arrive, relocation planners work with you to coordinate a move plan.

Upon arrival on moving day, your movers will follow this plan and start immediately packing and moving your things so you and your employees can get back to work faster.

2. Protect Your Assets

Whether you’re moving a large office full of equipment and supplies or a smaller company, there are assets you need to protect.

Professional movers know how to pack company property for relocation and manage the transportation so that it arrives safely at your new office. Let the professionals do the packing and furniture dismantling—they have the tools and know-how to take care of it for you.

3. Labor

Lifting heavy objects can easily cause injury if you’re not familiar with how to do it properly. You shouldn’t rely on your employees to move everything, like desks and computers! Let trained, experienced movers handle it.

4. Less Stress for Your Employees

Moving day is stressful enough for employees; not everybody adjusts well to change. Try taking some of the stress off their plates by hiring professional movers to complete your move from start to finish.

5. Equipment

Your movers will come equipped with all the necessary commercial moving equipment to handle your company move. Remember all that technology and heavy furniture? Your movers will be able to handle these items with ease.

6. Training and Process

When you hire an experienced office mover, rest assured that they have been trained and have experience with the process of moving a company. More likely than not, they’ve done this more times than you can imagine and they’ll be able to handle your project with relative ease.

A reliable, experienced commercial mover like MEYER Office Moving will handle everything from project planning and management to the installation and reconfiguration of your office furniture and equipment, as well as coordinating the recycling and disposal of old office items and essential post-move support.

Hiring Business Relocation Movers

Hiring a commercial mover will inevitably make your life easier, and you’ll probably even save some money in the long run. Renting equipment and purchasing packing supplies adds up quickly. It’s all included in your move when you have professional movers do the work for you.

Moving is a big deal. Don’t get caught up in the stress and headache of a commercial move without enlisting the help of professionals.

If you’re preparing for a company move, or if you have questions, feel free to contact us!


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