6 Long-Distance Moving Tips for Businesses on the Move
30 Apr

6 Long-Distance Moving Tips for Businesses on the Move

Has your business outgrown its small-town location? Are you receiving more orders from out of state than ever before?

In both of these cases, moving your business long-distance could be the best way to increase profits and take your enterprise to the next level.

The location of your business affects every area of your operations. For example, commercial and retail rental costs can vary considerably from city to city

Don’t let the inevitable complications involved in moving long-distance put you off; instead, take note of these long-distance moving tips to help you ease the transition. 

1. Notify Your Customers and Staff

Moving your business has a significant impact on your employees, so it’s essential to notify them well in advance. Many of them may have to find new jobs, and those who can go with you will appreciate a timely announcement.

It’s essential to let your customers know that there could be a disruption in your service during the move and to advise them of your new address. 

Try to arrange your move so that it coincides with a slow time of the month. Make sure that you can fill any regular orders either before or after your move.

Don’t forget to notify your suppliers of your new address too, and cancel any standing orders if necessary.

2. Set Up a Team of Movers

As soon as you can, get in touch with a reputable office moving company to set up a suitable moving day. You can’t start planning anything until you know precisely when you’re leaving.

You’ve also got more chance of securing the date you want when you book early. 

  1. Do the Paperwork

Once you have a moving date, make sure you notify your utility company and cancel your arrangements with them from that date. Likewise, you need to ensure that everything will be up and running at your new premises too. 

Order new business stationery with your new address and have it printed in advance. Arrange for a networking and communications company to set up your telecommunications on the other side as far in advance as you can. 

Back up all your data and keep two copies in a safe place. 

4. Pack With Distance in Mind

All your equipment is going to be in-transit for much longer than with a local move, so take extra care when packing. It’s a good idea to get your moving company to do the packing for you. 

5. Long-Distance Moving Tips for Large Items

Large items like printers, servers, computers, and copiers need special care while moving. Hiring a moving service that specializes in these items is essential to ensure they aren’t damaged along the way. 

Another good option is to sell your second-hand items and get replacements delivered to your new office location. 

6. Prepare Lists

Making lists is one of the best long-distance moving tips there is. Make an inventory of every item and keep track of where they are in the moving process at all times. You don’t want any essential things to go astray during your move. 

Relocation Help

By far, the best way to ensure all your items arrive at their new destination safely is to enlist the services of experienced professional business movers. Get in touch today, and we’ll help you start planning an effortless business relocation. 

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