5 Tips for Making an Employee’s Relocation Smoother and Simpler
14 Mar

5 Tips for Making an Employee’s Relocation Smoother and Simpler

Roughly 14% of Americans move every year.

While some people move for a new place to live or for a change of pace in a new city, other people have to move when their company relocates.

Provided that you do everything right, the relocation process for your business and your employees will be a good experience.

1. Give a Fair Warning

The moment the possibility of relocating your office goes from a ‘maybe’ to a ‘likely’ is when you need to tell your employees what’s happening.

Give your team sufficient time to prepare and plan to minimize stress. This is also an opportunity to have an open dialogue with them.

Some employees may ask questions you hadn’t thought of, giving you new perspectives on the best way to handle the transition. Listen to their feedback and apply to give them confidence that you are listening and will help them through the move.

2. Create a Thorough and Transparent Plan

Nothing is worse for employees than uncertainty.

When planning the relocation, create a step-by-step transition process that precisely outlines what is going to happen and when. Ideally, at each point, you will provide elaboration and resources to help them.

For example, employees may wonder if there will be any compensation or help during the move. Be upfront on what the company will be providing in the way of assistance.

3. Take the Pressure Off

There’s a giant checklist of things that need to be done before moving to a new place like address changes, new school registrations, finding good neighborhoods, etc.

Use your HR staff or even hire temporary staff to help employees with all of this. The more you do for your employees to make the move easier, the more they will appreciate the company and the happier they will be.

4. Make Your Employee’s Relocation Fun

The best way to improve employee morale and create excitement for the move is for the employees to experience the new city ahead of time.

Consider a relocation program that allows a site visit so that the employee and maybe their partners and family can view the new office, tour the community, learn about local schools, housing, and other community services.

A site visit will allow your employees to visit the area, have a lot of fun, and see what life will be like after the move.

5. Make the Move Seamless

If you’ve been upfront from the start, addressed your employee’s questions and concerns, and given them time to prepare then you’ll be in a great place.

The icing on the cake will be if you find and hire a well-known and respected moving company for them.

That way, all your employees have to do is get their things ready and won’t have to worry about one of the hardest parts of moving—packing and unpacking.

Plan Ahead

The more you plan and prepare for the move ahead of time, the easier the process will be for everyone involved.

Make your employee’s relocation experience positive and they will feel valued by your company, and more than happy to make the move with you.

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