5 Essential Steps to Consider Before Moving Your Business
14 Feb

5 Essential Steps to Consider Before Moving Your Business

Is your company growing and expanding? Are you in the process of seeking new office space for your business?

Before you take the plunge and relocate, there are some essential steps you need to consider.

Moving a business is a massive undertaking, and some companies have special considerations to deal with before starting the process.

Here are some vital items to consider and resolve before you decide to leave your current situation and relocate.

1. Review the Costs

Determining and then examining the cost of the move is a top priority for the success of your business. If your company doesn’t have financial reserves to make a move, relocation will be more than a challenge.

Examine the cost of packing, moving, and set-up at the new location. This includes the supplies and human resources to accomplish the tasks.

Downtime is another factor. Consider the possibility of hours, days, or more, that your employees are unable to work because of the move.

Revenue lost during the moving process is something to be aware of when considering relocation. Moving a business is a long and challenging process that you must prepare and plan for.

A skilled office moving company can help you plan the move and do it cost-effectively.

2. Consider the New Location

Consider how daily life will change once your business relocates. Perhaps your employees are comfortable at the current office location. How will they adjust to a new commute and surroundings?

If your business relies on foot traffic and its location in a well-traveled area, that’s something to think about as well. Research the potential new neighborhood and community. Talk to other business owners in the area to learn if their businesses are thriving.

If your corporate office does not rely on foot traffic, you have more flexibility about where you open your doors. Consider getting input from your employees and hearing their thoughts.

3. Contemplate the Hassle

As you are probably aware, an office move is an enormous undertaking. Depending on the size of your office, many items – from files and furniture to computers and equipment will need to be packed up, secured, and moved.

Think about transportation methods for your move and how much time the process will take.

There is also the essential task of setting up in the new space. You want that done right so that your business can get back up and running as soon as possible.

Relocation companies are the key to a smooth office move. Experienced office relocation experts ease your stress and help coordinate all the elements for a successful move.

4. Design the New Setup

Creating a new office space that you and your employees love and look forward to coming to every day is essential. Take a good look at your current set-up – which areas work and what areas need updating?

As you consider a new setup now is the time to get the office layout just right.

Design a good layout that helps with workflow. Ensure that everyone has plenty of workspaces, allowing them to be productive and efficient. Group people in the same department to improve the process.

Consider hiring a professional interior designer to help with this step of the move. You want to create an office space that enables you to achieve your business goals.

5. Plan the Logistics

Managing an office move is a job unto itself. That’s why office relocation experts exist and will help you with your company’s move.

A full-service office moving company will partner with you for your move. They have the answers to your overwhelming and complicated logistical questions. With their experience and know how they can give you accurate estimates, pack, and move your company with as little interruption as possible.

Looking for an Office Moving Service?

After considering the many elements of a successful move are you ready for some help?

MEYER Office Moving is ready to help you plan and execute your upcoming company relocation.

We pride ourselves on completing your office move with minimal disruption to your business activities. We provide numerous services including move planning, secure packing, IT connect/disconnect, as well as customer support throughout your move.

Contact us today to discuss our complete selection of professional services and how they can fit your specific office relocation needs.

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