4 Ways Employees Can Help With the Moving Process
07 Dec

4 Ways Employees Can Help With the Moving Process

The time has come to transition your office to a new location. Maybe you are moving your entire company, or maybe you are just setting up a new satellite office.

Regardless of the reason, the office moving process is a big change for not only your company but also your employees.

Company relocation can be stressful and challenging for employees. Employees are any company’s most valuable asset. Keep in mind that the process of the move, as well as the new space, will have a significant impact on the mental state and productivity of your employees.

The best way to reduce this stress and ensure a smooth transition to the new location is to involve your employees in the moving process.

Read on for 4 ways employees can help with the relocation process.

Open Communication

Open communication is key during the moving process. Make sure you are clear with your employees about any restrictions on the new office. Small details such as new furnishings, the size of desks, and drawer space will be helpful when your employees are choosing what things to bring with them.

An employee can also do their part with making sure they are prepared as possible for the new office space. Asking for a blueprint is always a good idea.

Decisions like whether or not to bring a plant or how far away the new desk is from the kitchen will influence packing decisions.

Pack the Filing Cabinet

Filing cabinets accrue years and years of data and files throughout the years — especially if your company has been operational for a long time.

One way your employees can help is to sort the filing cabinet. This can be a time-consuming job, so you will definitely want to make sure you are giving your employees enough time so that they do not feel stressed and pressed for time. Make sure you communicate to your employees which documents no longer need to be kept and can be recycled or shredded.

Once your employees have sorted through the cabinet and culled through the documents and files that need to be taken to the new space, organization is key.

Files and folders should be arranged and organized, then transported in clearly labeled boxes to make sure there is no confusion when unpacking.

Pack the Desk and Personal Items

Employees can save a lot of time if everyone packs up their own desk. Give your employees ample time to sort out their desk and clean out their drawers.

Personal items are important for employees to feel inspired and comfortable. The key is to take only what is needed.

Employees should always keep in mind: “how much space do I have in the new office?”

Items such as pictures, framed posters, etc. might not work in the new space if there is limited wall space.

Compile a Wish List for the New Office

One great way to make your employees feel part of the moving process is to make a wish list for the new office. Allowing them a space to voice their concerns and questions is helpful for employee satisfaction.

Recent statistics show that companies with happy employees outperform the competition by 20%.

It is important that your staff feels like there is a space to voice their opinions. This will allow you to understand any concerns and tackle them right away while things are easily manageable.

Ready for the Moving Process?

Office relocation can be a stressful time for both you and your employees. Making sure that everyone is prepared as they can be, and keeping open communication is key to ensuring a smooth relocation.

Check us out for ways we can help you during the big move!

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