3 Important Office Moving Tips That Will Minimize Disruption
28 Mar

3 Important Office Moving Tips That Will Minimize Disruption

As a business, relocation offers you a ton of benefits. It can be great for business, helping you expand and get closer to where you need to be.

The moving process can be a headache though, especially if you’re trying to run a business in the meantime.

However, it doesn’t have to be a problem. With the right planning and techniques, an office move can be a smooth transition for you and your employees.

Read on to discover our best office moving tips for a straightforward and pleasant office move.

1. Develop a Plan

Determine your objective, come up with a forecast of how it will turn out, decide on a budget, and schedule projects for completion along the way.

  •    Establish who will be the person in charge during the office move planning. Perhaps this is you, or someone else of authority within your company. Be sure to select someone who is highly organized and capable of keeping things moving.
  •    Come up with a small team of employees who will assist the leader in developing and carrying out the plan.
  •    Keep track of dates such as when your lease ends and when you would ideally be moving into your new location. Set goals and don’t be afraid to work ahead of schedule.
  •    Come up with a list of goals and tasks that you need to accomplish before the move.
  •    Decide on your budget and be sure to keep it in mind as you are carrying out your list of tasks.

2. Stay Organized

When undertaking a massive project like an office move, the organization is vital. Stay involved and mindful of your original plan to avoid any potential distractions.

  •    When packing up your office, be sure all staff members know what to do.
  •    Stick to one area at a time when packing items into boxes.
  •    Seal and stack boxes out of the way to avoid clutter.
  •    Label all boxes according to contents and, if necessary, the name of the staff member to deliver the items to.
  •    Schedule regular progress meetings to ensure you pack everything according to your plan and schedule.

3. Downsize Any Unnecessary Equipment

Don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to move all the office equipment. Relocating your office is a great reason to examine your inventory and get rid of what you don’t need.

  •    Donate any unneeded items such as copiers, printers, and computers, so you don’t need to pay to move them. If it hasn’t been used and is collecting dust, get rid of it.
  •    Determine if it’s in your budget to update any outdated equipment. You’ll save money by not moving it.
  •    If necessary, seek out the assistance of a professional removal company. These companies specialize in helping you remove just about anything, with the bonus of customer service and environmentally friendly methods of removal.

Final Thoughts

Planning out a big office move doesn’t have to cause significant disruptions to your business. By thinking ahead and sticking to our office moving tips, office move planning can run smoothly, so you’re quickly able to return to business as usual.

Ready to make the move? Request a quote for professional assistance during your office move.

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